I don’t have a marketing degree.

I do, however, work daily with clients who happen to be the best marketers on earth. And I’ve been doing so for the past decade. 

Hundreds of clients, involved in thousands (and thousands and thousands) of marketing campaigns that have generated billions of dollars in sales, directly attributed to those campaigns and the concepts you’ll soon learn.

Trust me when I say I’ve seen it all. I’ve heard it all. I’ve tried it all.  Plus I’ve read all the books and been to all the trade shows (and am often onstage).

I’m blessed to not only learn from these incredible marketing pros, but to also be in the position to witness first-hand what works and what doesn’t. How? They’re using my software.

The information in this course is the culmination of non-stop learning, daily, for over a decade. When we have new clients who lack a marketing background, this course contains the advice I give them.

This course has over 20 hours of real, actual, practical, genuine marketing advice and information. Real content that is actionable and current. Hundreds of before and afters where I explain what was wrong and how it was fixed.

I genuinely believe you cannot get a better marketing value for your dollar. If you hired my company, the minimum fee is 3x what’s in this course.

I am sharing the entire syllabus and a preview of each session. I cram as much practical and useful information I can think of in each session. I leave nothing out.  There’s no “advanced course” for more money later.  This is it.

This is every word of advice, every idea, every result I have given every client. Ever.

I hope you enjoy,

Mr. E.


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